Le site Internet d’Africultures

The Africultures website takes the paper edition of the journal a step further, providing additional information on and in-depth analysis of contemporary cultural expressions in Africa and the diaspora.

The website offers a host of extremely popular interactive services that can be accessed from the home page (classified ads, competitions, forums, reader initiatives, articles by readers, etc.) as well as a range of other services that cater to various information needs free of charge. You can also subscribe to the free weekly newsletter, which features news on cultural events. The newsletter is compiled from the What's On and Grapevine.

"Africa on TV" provides a summary of programmes about or from Africa.

We have published our entire stock of information on the website. We have tried to make it as practical as possible, so that it is available to everyone. Please let us know if there is something missing or if anything needs correcting (where possible, please provide a hyperlink to the relevant page).

The website has been constructed to operate like a giant database: "files" and articles are linked to provide you with a maximum of information.

The left-hand column on each "index card" contains links featuring:

- artist, creator, group, etc.;

- related articles;

- important events in which they appear.

At the end of each article, the "find out more" link will take you to:

- information about the article's author;

- description of featured works;

- featured creators;

- featured events.

Consultation is organised by artistic discipline, but the search engine is interdisciplinary.

A significant number of articles have been translated into English and are available exclusively on the Africultures website. This is our attempt to to bridge the linguistic divide and create a link between the French and English-speaking worlds. To this end, we would dearly like to work with an Anglo-Saxon journal, to extend our research efforts.

We have already covered a lot of ground since the project was launched in 1998. The results we have achieved to date are the product of synergies and commitment.

Africultures is a private - independent - association financed (except for a very appreciable annual contribution from the FASILD and CNL which covers a small portion of our expenses and print sales) by the construction of websites and our expertise. If you would like to receive a free quote, please provide us with detailed specifications.

Some of the articles from the print edition that are published online are only available to subscribers. However, individual articles or dossiers from the print edition can also be purchased online. All reviews and other articles published on the website are available free of charge.

We warmly recommend you to subscribe as this will give you access to a veritable encyclopaedia on African cultures in the contemporary world, as well as our own reflections on the subject - our focus since 1997.

Thank you for your support.

The team at Africultures